Austin Representative

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Downs & Stanford has a prominent legislative and administrative presence in Austin, Texas and maintains a strong presence before the Division of Workers’ Compensation, serving as the Austin Representative for many of our clients.

Our Austin Representative services include: receiving and transmitting mail from the Division of Workers’ Compensation, filing required documents, and securing date stamped copies of filings for clients. In addition, clients who use our Austin Representative service receive monthly newsletters regarding developments impacting workers’ compensation in Texas. The newsletters include topics such as legislative and rule changes, new case law, significant Appeals Panel Decisions, and compliance related matters. Downs & Stanford also issues advisories on an as-needed basis when information must be conveyed immediately. The advisories are not a restatement of the law; rather, they are a comprehensive assessment of how the changes affect workers’ compensation insurance and how best to take advantage or prepare for the change. Downs & Stanford attends every Division of Workers’ Compensation legislative hearing and stakeholder meeting affecting workers’ compensation and provides information to clients on the Division’s proposed changes to the law and rules. Downs & Stanford presents accredited seminars to its Austin Representative clients at no additional charge.

Compliance and Practices Information

Downs & Stanford assists clients in gathering information to discern the source of compliance issues, custom tailor an educational program, or assist with implementation of business procedures and flow to minimize or eliminate future problems.

We look for trends from the Division and provide clients with advance warning of what to expect.

We utilize our experience with all clients to provide guidance and education to avoid audit and compliance issues.

Downs & Stanford will customize educational courses to target identified training issues or will create courses at your request. We will use our expertise to further develop and recommend changes in process flow.

Continuing Education

Downs & Stanford will provide Continuing Education credits with an integrated approach relying on case studies and audience participation.

Downs & Stanford designs specific client-sensitive seminars in 1- to 3-hour classes spread throughout the year.

Downs & Stanford will work with you and your local city or municipality to create customized classes designed to address identified areas of needed improvement or concern.

Medical Review/IRO Compliance Audits

Downs & Stanford can customize a plan to track all medical reviews, IROs, and compliance audits to ensure timely responses are provided to the Division.