Appeals, Subrogation & Tort Defense

Downs & Stanford attorneys having a conversation

Appeals, subrogation, and tort defense require a seasoned firm with expertise. These practice areas require specialized experience, careful assessment, and collaborative counsel to achieve success. As with all practice areas within our firm, Downs & Stanford’s attorneys will partner with our clients to vigorously defend their interests.


If a trial result requires an appeal and time is of the essence, a seasoned firm with expertise in appellate law is necessary.

Downs & Stanford navigates our clients through the often-confusing appellate process with compassion and understanding. Our attorneys are experienced in a variety of litigation areas, including personal injury, workers’ compensation, family law, commercial disputes, employment law, and business torts. Our appellate practice includes charge preparation, direct appeals, writs of mandamus, post-trial motions, and amicus briefs. In addition to representation, we offer appellate advocate services, taking on a consulting role in cases when our specialized expertise is needed.


Downs & Stanford provides trusted advice to insurance carriers and their clients for recovering compensation from responsible tortfeasors. We offer a full spectrum of subrogation services, from reviewing files to determine subrogation potential, to prosecuting claims, and serving as expert witnesses in subrogation matters. Most importantly, our attorneys carefully assess the situation at hand, advise clients of their rights, and help them collect payment.

Tort Defense

Businesses today face an ever-increasing number of lawsuits for a variety of tort claims. In this climate, a solid relationship with trusted legal counselors is paramount.

Downs & Stanford offers experienced guidance and representation in areas including personal injury, premises liability, motor vehicle collisions, trucking accidents, professional negligence, product liability, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, general liability, fraud investigations, workers’ compensation, and subrogation. When necessary, our crisis management team is available after hours for an immediate response to catastrophic matters, ensuring the protection of our clients’ rights by preserving critical evidence at the accident site.

We are dedicated to working with our clients and are available for educational opportunities. Downs & Stanford publishes periodic bulletins to keep our clients informed about the law, as well as current events that affect clients’ interests.